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okay wth?

pardon me, daniel and gan





lolololol school over alr now got pwop good luck argh i hate i and r omg damn zzz





oh well.

someone help me with chinese plzzzz zzzz zzzzz

helping to revive your dead blog,
your chinese rep

(phrase of the day! 返璞归真
it means going back to nature.. or something like that)



Bec'use the promos begin tomorrow

(actually they began last friday, but oh well)

'll the best y'll. (only c'use the _'s will be on your promos results slip.) - haha from a classmate :D

whether or not that will be, who cares now? let's just do our best, and we'll "breeze through" like we always do. BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIOK!!

a small tidbit: read the wiki article on Singlish. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singlish

rofl. i should have done pw on something like that.


epic swinging master prophet of extreme disaster

and so, the Master Prophet of Disaster from Peng Seng's class of 09S06D has managed to influence the world! So much so that a new movie has come out - Disaster Movie.

and today, it might be the right time to introduce the Master Prophet of Disaster's extreme hobby - cat swinging.

yes. cat-swinging.

you probably dont want to know how he swings the cat, but we can only say one thing... he can only swing male cats... so well, make a guess =)

this is why a new term, a supreme spin-off, an epic exclamation, a disastrous disaster, an insane ingenuity, a gay genius has come forth. we call it: you-got-swung.

perhaps you have never heard anyone saying that before. well thats because yougotpenged kinda died out for awhile. now however, a new reformation of the world will take place. the conquest of swinging will come forth, and you will get swung!


and yesterday, merrill learned a new word! what word is it? we wont tell you! but here's a hint... it has to do with swinging, jap words, and fainting.



revival anyone?

shit man i'm fucking screwed. i haven't started studying for promos and it's just round the corner. know why? fuck pw! and who better to fuck pw than ...
...michael jackson! i reckon pw wouldn't fancy being screwed by that man..woman..ok i'll settle on thing. so yeah i guess it'll be rape.

And for all those people who are hoping to have a nice quiet time at home studying alone, i strongly discourage you from doing that. you should all go to school and study in raffles rooms, because there is safety in numbers and you will be protected from that um thing.
see kids, i told you not to study at home..

anyway, even if you are raped by that thing, it is unlikely that you will get pregnant. because michael jackson sure can't swim as fast as say ...

michael phelps! we should give him singaporean citizenship la. he is our saviour, because not only can he win 8 gold medals for us at olympics, and get 8million bucks as reward rather than the measly 1million he's getting from speedo, he can always help us have more babies because if his sperm can swim anywhere near as fast as him, we don't have to worry about not having enough babies!

ok i think that's about it from me, it's time for me to go shoot more aeroplanes and play chinese chess (PCC) already.

till next time,

the best will never be~
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